Our competitors are costing you at the pump.

Our competitors are ignoring the fact that they are contributing to our country’s dependency on foreign oil at an exponential rate.

Spirit’s average passenger MPG (miles per gallon) is a high 89.4, proving how very fuel-efficient we are.  However, other airlines such as jetBlue, Southwest, and American report far less eco-friendly passenger MPG rates as low as 52.9, proving that their lack of fuel-efficiency impacts fuel costs and ultimately means that you pay more and more at the pump. We believe that this is absolutely unacceptable and we are taking great measures to lead our industry through our green efforts.

How else are we leading the airline industry to be more green?

By implementing our "Bring Less, Pay Less" initiative, Spirit has reduced our fuel consumption by 6 million gallons in the past year alone. This is a far cry from what our competitors are doing.

Other airlines like Southwest use false advertising to make you think you are saving money by not paying for your bags to fly when, in reality, they are just redirecting that cost to the gas pumps. If you continue to fly on other airlines, you will personally be contributing to higher gas prices and furthering the destruction of the earth. When booking your next flight, don’t choose an airline that says it will save you money now, but has little regard for the environmental impact.

Instead, make the smarter green choice: Choose the airline that is working hard to save you money today, and save the earth for tomorrow. Fly Spirit.

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